Most businesses will be gearing up for Appraisals in Q1

Did you know that staff will only ever work to 70% of maximum productivity unless they are fully engaged in the business?

The extra 30% effort only comes when staff fully understand their role in the business and understand the effect that they can have on the overall business success.

Appraisals are a key part of the engagement process; and most businesses will start to plan for these to take place in Quarter 1 of 2018.

An effective appraisal will allow staff to understand where they sit within the success of the business where their role can impact most. But many businesses don’t have an appraisal system that works for them.

For example, one set process will not work for all staff, especially if there is a divide between traditional manual labour i.e. factory/manufacturing and office based staff who both work differently and are measured on their output in different ways.

A poorly managed appraisal process can increase negativity across both staff and management. Untrained managers can make the process no more than a tick box exercise which frustrates staff and can lead to conflict and a view that the process is a waste of everyone’s time. Staff will resent a process that they see as a once a year ‘management exercise’ that they see no benefit from, worse still, those businesses that use appraisal as a measure of pay increases risk victimisation claims if only a percentage of staff can receive an increase in their pay.

Managers who are trained in and understand the appraisal process can make a massive difference to their team and the business. A manager who knows how the process works, understands the reasoning and method behind it and can apply it consistently to his team is a manager who will have the buy in from his staff.

Appraisal training is vital to a business if the time and effort of carrying out appraisals is not to be wasted. Our appraisal training will ensure that your managers are fully conversant in the appraisal process specific to your business and understand the impact that both a well-managed as well as poorly managed process can have on the moral and production of the team. This half day session will walk managers through the process focussing on the reasons behind the appraisal and looking at the impact that they can have.

A bolt on half day performance manager session will further develop managers skills and knowledge of how the process works and highlights key points to be taken into account when dealing with performance issues

If you are concerned that your current appraisal process may not be fit for purpose, maybe it’s the same process that has been in the business for years and while the business has developed, the appraisal process hasn’t then we can help with that….we will work with you and your management team to develop and roll out an appraisal process that works with the business and the staff and we will actively manage that process during implementation. If the thought of appraisals is enough to send shivers down your spine, maybe a conversation will help.

Call Emma on 07973 531589 for a no obligation chat about how we can support you. Alternatively, you can send an email by clicking this link.

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