Harry’s HR Hint: Halloween Special – HR Horror stories

So many times we hear the scariest of words ‘I didn’t think I needed HR…’ until it was too late! Time after time we are approached by people who have let terrifying situations run on and on….in the hope that issues (like axe murderers) will resolve themselves without them having to do anything. But, as with all things in life, spookily, this isn’t the case.

The moral of the (horror) story is always to get HR involved as soon as there is the slightest hint of a problem. Leaving things to fester can cause resentment from other members of the team who will see their bewitched colleague ‘getting away’ with things. This can lead to other members of the team blindly following their example – like zombies…. or perceiving their manager as weak and a bit of a damp squib by allowing the colleague to play the system. Mr Pumpkin Head’s tips for the month of October are…

🎃 As soon as a situation occurs, always have an informal conversation to try and nip things in the bud, in effect, let staff know that you are keeping an eye on things

🎃 Let the team see that you are dealing with any issues and not letting them become a problem, but don’t break any confidentiality of discussions

🎃 Putting steps in place to deal with a situation will mean that it’s less likely that you will overreact when that one instance happens that ‘breaks the camel’s back’ and take action that is overly severe and causes a risk to the business

Remember when a manager overreacts and tells a member of staff to get their coat and tools and leave the building because they’re sacked…. It’s your poor HR consultant who has to back pedal and make the situation right.


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