18% of SME’s have said that they will go out of businesses if they are fined over GDPR

Is there Mr/Mrs Nobody dealing with GDPR in your business?

Have you even thought about who will be tasked with looking after your employees’ data following the introduction of GDPR?

3 out of 10 SME business owners do not think that the new legislation will affect them. But that is a dangerous and incorrect assumption to make. Every organisation that processes or shares personal data (which includes outsourced payroll) now has less than 12 months to demonstrate compliance with this. And the implications of failing to comply could be massive with fines of up to 4% of annual turnover.

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has been massively overhauled and when it is launched in May 2018 will affect most businesses in the UK & EU, regardless of the number of employees. To date, a vast majority of businesses have not put steps in place to allow them to meet the requirements of this legislation.

Some of these changes that will probably affect your business, did you know for example:

  • Your employees WILL have more rights as to how their personal data is handled
  • Your organisation will become more accountable to your employees about what you do with personal data, including where you store it, why you store it and who can access it.
  • There will be a “new right to be forgotten”- this does not just apply to Google, but can be as simple as them asking for certain information to be removed from their personal records.
  • You have to be able to demonstrate and justify – what are you keeping their personal data for and what are you doing with it?
  • If you outsource your payroll – GDPR will apply to you as you are ‘moving’ your employees data.

We have developed a GDPR Action Pack to help you address and understand all of these issues. And currently we are offering it at an Early Bird discount.

We can help and make your life easier…

  • We offer a Free 20 minute telephone assessment to see if you need to do anything (if not, there is no cost!)
  • If you need to take action, we will provide a Personalised Action Plan of what to do and how to do it
  • Follow up email and telephone Support for 90 days for any queries or concerns that you may have.


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