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650* + VAT

Entry Level

950* + VAT


1500* + VAT

All Inclusive

*simple one-off payment. Additional add-on packs available. With every HR Resource Pack purchase receive a free consultation with First Call HR

Emma Armytage

Do you run your own business and are frustrated about being distracted from doing what you’re good at by having to deal with staff issues that you just don’t know the answer to?

Maybe you’re concerned that you don’t have the correct paperwork in place and are worried that without these you may struggle to manage some of the attendance and performance issues that you are coming up against?

You may even have been taken to an employment tribunal in the past (or know someone who has) and are nervous that you may be at risk of this happening again.

Or maybe, you don’t know why you are here, but know that there are issues or gaps in your HR that you need to deal with.

I feel your pain ! I’ve worked in business for the last 20 years, and I know the pressures and pains that come with the territory. You want a straight-talking person who has the commercial as well as the operational savvy to come up with solutions that work best for your business and can help you implement them.

I know that HR is a reluctant purchase, it’s something that you don’t want to have to deal with and is a cost that sometimes you have other things that you’d rather spend the money on, but equally I know that you value your staff and want to make sure that they (and you) are protected should anything happen that may break down that relationship.

The HR Resource Pack may be the solution you are looking for, it’s a pack of HR documents that are written to reflect your business. Not a template that you have to fill in, but documents that you can issue to staff straight away that work for you and your team. From checklists and new starter forms to flowcharts that talk you through common management issues; add in up to 3 hours of HR support on any subject you wish and you get total peace of mind for managers who just want to get on with the job !

It’s easier to take action before the situation becomes out of control or you or your team act on a frustration off the cuff. You can browse through the website and see whats what, but I’m sure you’d much rather have a cup of tea and a face to face chat, if that’s the case give me a call or drop me an e-mail and lets talk !

Tel: 07973 531589

Welcome to HR Resource Pack

HR Resource Pack is your first call for all your employment needs. When it comes to documents and templates we can help you every step of the way making sure that not only are you legally compliant, but that all the documentation provided to you is up to date, relevant, branded and written to reflect your own business image.

Our personal service means you get the documents that exactly fit the needs of your business.

HR Resource Pack is a trading name of First Call HR Solutions (North) Ltd

An overview of our original resource packs

Entry Level

Meeting your basic employment requirements

(£650 + VAT)


Our most popular option

(£950 + VAT)

All Inclusive

Everything you need, plus more

(£1500 + VAT)

Contract of employment
Policies 12 core 12 core plus a choice of 6 additional All 24
New starter form
Holiday request form
Right to work check
Flow charts
Template job description
Annual leave tracker
Staff handbook
HR Support on any topic of your choice (to be used within 60 days of order) 1 hour 2 hours 3 hours

HR Packages tailored to your individual business

HR Resource Pack can provide you with all the tools you need to employ and manage your staff.  From our original packs that contain your contracts of employment and all the policies you could wish for along with new starter paperwork, absence tracking tools and checklists, to our add-on packs that give you everything you need to support you and your staff from recruitment to being a family friendly employer.

How does it work?

Once you have decided which pack you think would be best for your business simply add that to your cart and check out as you would with any purchase. Once that payment has gone through you will receive three e-mails, one which will contain your VAT receipt and one which will arrange a time and date for a member of our team to call you. Lastly we send an email with the issues you will need to consider to make sure all the documents we produce reflect your needs.  This also asks you for details of your company’s font and logo so when you receive your pack it will fit in exactly with your company’s image.

We will then call you and this is where HR Resource Pack differs from the off the shelf options that are available. When we speak we will discuss your answers to the issues. We will spend as long as necessary to make sure that we understand your individual business; we will ask you about your current approach to working with your people and advise (where necessary) on any employment law gaps to make sure you are compliant.

Once we have talked and agreed the specific details of your pack we will get to work on it. In order to keep things as safe and straightforward as possible we will set up a Dropbox folder that we can both access. This will allow us to quickly and securely share documents and will ensure that you can always access them when you need them.

And that’s it – we’re done!


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